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A Bit of a Buzz® Beeswax Candles. Established in 2008.

We are based in the beautiful countryside of The Lune Valley near Lancaster on the cusp of Cumbria and Lancashire 

The first part of our journey was to make Hand Rolled Beeswax Candles. We have enjoyed a great success with these candles and they have kept us very busy especially in the winter months on the run up to Christmas. However, we are constantly being asked if we ever make scented beeswax candles, and beeswax polishes.

Well we wanted to keep things natural, non toxic and without the use of any chemicals.

Our 100% pure beeswax candles are infused with essential oil. Essential oil is typically obtained by distillation and having a characteristic aroma of the plant of which it was extracted. All Natural.

After a lot of rigorous testing with different essential oils, it is of our opinion, that the essential oils we use lend themselves in the best possible way in complimenting the natural beeswax.

Beeswax on its own has a beautiful natural honey scent and many of our customers would never buy anything else.
So now you have a choice!

Our Beeswax Polish ingredients are all natural  made with a blend of nut or vegetable oils infused with essential oils and Vitamin E added as a natural preservative.

Our products include Beeswax Lavender and Orange furniture Polish, Beeswax Lemon Myrtle Furniture Polish, Shoe Polish, Beeswax Chopping Board Conditioner Food Safe, Beeswax Wooden Toy Polish, Beeswax Leather Polish, Beeswax Honey Scented Candles, Citronella Candles, Gingerbread Candles, Coffee Candles, Lavender and Orange Candles, Seasonal Scented Votive Candles. Beeswax Tea Lights, and Scented Soy Wax Melts.

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A Bit of a Buzz® Is a Registered trademark of Mrs Michelle Rae Lawson.