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Beeswax Tea Lights

Honey Scented Beeswax Tea Light Candles

Our Beeswax tea lights are made from the cappings which are used to seal the honey into the honeycomb. 

Beeswax cappings are the thin layer of slightly paler in colour virgin beeswax secreted from the wax glands

of the honeybee and the aroma is floral and fragrant.

Our beeswax tea lights are hand poured on our premises using locally sourced beeswax cappings produced by Honey Bees from the countryside in and around the Lune Valley Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria.

Our  Tea lights are available in packs of either 4, 6, 15, 20 or 24

Tea lights are excellent for creating a calming, relaxing ambient scenario or for a little meditation perhaps.

We offer a pack of  6 x white coloured Beeswax Tea Lights as an option -  unscented

The term "Tea Light" comes from their original use - Tea Pot Warmers.
These days they are popular for creating atmosphere around the home.

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