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Chopping Board Conditioners

Our Chopping Board Conditioners are 100% Food Safe

Choose from either our plant based Vegan option - Eco Board Butter made from white beeswax and fractionated coconut oil  


Our Chopping Board Conditioner with Food Safe Mineral oil and beeswax is suitable for chopping boards and wooden kitchen surfaces, wooden spoons. utensils. wooden mezze boards, bread, or cheese boards, or wood turning 

Our food safe white mineral oil is safe for human usage, it is of the highest pharmaceutical & FDA food grade, it is crystal clear, odourless and has no taste. 

Fractionated coconut oil does not contain long - chain triglycerides and therefore does not turn rancid. 

It is shelf life stable.

Our conditioners help restore and protect wood. They add a water repellent layer and help stop wood from cracking, splitting and drying out.

Our cutting board conditioners are ideal for the catering trade.

Neither of our conditioners ever expire

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