Beeswax Blocks

We use the best and highest quality environmentally friendly British Beeswax in all of our products and our beeswax blocks are of no exception. Sourced from holistic beekeepers around the UK.

Our beeswax gives off an amazing natural sweet honey fragrant scent, It is quite simply gorgeous!

Our beeswax is pure, however some types of beeswax contain additives and therefore the scent is affected.

Just some examples of Beeswax uses below:
Making Candles, an ingredient in Polish, Lip Balm, Coating medicinal tablets. Waxing jackets, Applying to wood runners for a smooth draw glide, Used in cosmetics, Batik work, Egg Decorating, Helps prevent rust on outdoor tools such as spades, Cheese Waxing, Thread waxing to prevent snagging, Coating nails and screws to help prevent the wood from splintering. Beeswax is used in Crayons to name just a few.

Using Beeswax in your home helps keep your lifestyle “Green”. It’s all about the buzz!

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