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6 x Beeswax Tea Lights

6 x Beeswax Tea Lights Boxed

Our  Beeswax Tea lights have a natural mild honey scent and burn for approximately  4- 5

hours depending on the room air flow or draughts around the home.

PLEASE DO NOT TRIM THE WICK of a beeswax tea light.

If you trim the wick it will be too short to create a hot enough flame to totally liquefy the beeswax.

This may mean that the flame will burn down the middle of the wax and when it reaches

the bottom it will go out leaving  wax left stuck to the sides of the cup.

The beeswax must be totally liquefied so that the liquid wax is drawn into the wick in order

to complete the burn.

Our Beeswax is 100% pure & obtained from our very own local holistic Lune Valley Beekeepers

Eco friendly cardboard box packaging

Never leave a burning candle unattended and always place a lit candle on a heat proof base.
Keep away from Children and Pets, lose clothing and curtains


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