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Lavender Beeswax Furniture Polish

Traditional Lavender Scented  Beeswax Furniture Polish 100g 

Suitable for use on any bare wood, be it pine, oak or mahogany etc.

Bare wood means wood that hasn’t been coated with anything ie varnish or gloss paint

Our beeswax furniture polish is often used by home interior Upcycle companies for coating

the inside of wooden drawers

which helps keep clothes smelling naturally floral and fresh

Our beeswax is obtained from our local Lune Valley holistic beekeepers.

Ingredients -beeswax natural plant oils and Lavender essential oil with an antioxidant of Vitamin E

to provide a long shelf life.

To apply the wax, simply use a lint free cloth such as cotton and apply the wax sparingly to the wood.

from splitting and hides white water ring marks & if you are a Lavender lover.

This beeswax furniture polish is the best, it’s popular and smells absolutely gorgeous.

Do not apply on to any food preparation, cheese or chopping boards


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