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Food Safe Board Conditioner

Food Safe Board Conditioner

Chopping board conditioner with food safe mineral oil 100ml

The conditioner may be applied to wooden spoons, wooden bowls, cheese, bread,

 mezze boards, or wooden butchers blocks and food catering or kitchen preparation areas.

By applying our conditioner to wooden fruit bowls, chopping boards,

or wooden knives, forks and spoons on a regular basis or approximately every two weeks

helps to extend the life of the board.

Nourishes, seasons and helps prevent wooden food boards from splitting

cracking, drying out or warping.

Our chopping board conditioner is available for wholesale.

Please contact us for more information.

 Food safe mineral oil is extremely pure and is of an exceptional fine pharmaceutical grade, it is non – toxic, safe for human usage, it is clear and has no smell or taste.


Apply the the conditioner sparingly with a lint free cloth, then allow the wax to soak into the wood over night or for at least for at least 12 hours

Our conditioner leaves a fine water repellent layer and offers excellent results.

Food safe chopping board conditioner does not have a shelf life therefore it will never expire.



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