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Garden Furniture Wax 150g

Natural Garden Furniture Wax 150ml. 

Helps prevent wood from cracking, splitting, drying out & oxidization due to sun exposure

Our wax hides any tiny scratch marks, fades white ring watermarks & produces a fine matt sheen and a water repellent finish.

Can I use natural garden furniture wax on my outdoor wooden furniture? Yes.

Beeswax is an eco friendly option and is a natural preservative for wood

Non toxic. VOC Free – No harsh chemicals. 100% natural

Kind to Animals, Birds, and the Environment, Pet friendly and Food safe

Furniture Application – Easy to apply. Use sparingly with a lint free cloth, then after a minute or two then buff off.

Once or twice a year is fine.

It is advisable to keep outdoor furniture indoors in winter to protect against the frost.

This wax is safe to use on the outside of wooden bird houses, rabbit hutches,  dog kennels or bee houses

150 ml reusable and recyclable black metal screw top tin


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