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Lavender & Orange Beeswax Furniture Polish

This All Natural Eco Friendly Furniture Polish has a warm cosy scent of Sweet Orange and Lavender, it reminds me of when I was young at my Grandmother’s house. The aroma of lavender.. Ah! Wonderful…

Using sparingly the polish melts into the pores of the wood disguising any scratches, It protects, seals, nourishes & shines. This Beeswax Furniture Polish removes white ring marks caused by cup water marks within a couple of minutes. See before and after photos.

Only to be used on bare wood.. Buff with a soft cloth. No need  for any strenuous rubbing, it’s easy and speedy and because of the lovely natural scents of Lavender & Orange we can guarantee that polishing your furniture with our polish will become a pleasure instead of a chore.

Do not apply on to any food preparation, cheese or chopping boards 

Please feel free to drop us a line with any questions


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