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Natural Leather Cream Conditioner

Natural Leather Cream Conditioner

100g screw top tin

 Leather cream conditioner is necessary because over time leather will dry out, crack or fade

caused by general wear and tear or weather conditions such as rain or heat so by

applying a leather cream conditioner to leather goods such as boots, bags, shoes or leather sofas

 will help replace natural oils, restore original suppleness, assist with

faded leather and add a water repellent finish giving leather a longer life.



CLEANING – to remove any grease, either use a shop bought cleaner

or to keep it natural like we do, mix a little white vinegar with equal amounts of water

then using a soft lint free cloth gently wipe over the entire item, being a pair of leather shoes,

leather boots, a leather chair or a sofa etc.. Leave to dry out overnight.

CONDITIONING – using a soft lint free cloth,  apply the conditioner all over

the leather and leave to soak in & dry out overnight.

Why should I use a Natural Leather Cream Conditioner from A Bit of a Buzz?

Our leather cream conditioner is the best because it contains 100% natural ingredients including

lavender oil which helps keep mildew away, so it’s chemical free and environment friendly

Our conditioner offers excellent results & a best seller at our regular farmers markets

situated in Sedbergh – Cumbria during the summer months May to September

Please see our blog for farmers market information.

                                                                                       Please note

Our Leather Cream Conditioner is only suitable for real, genuine smooth leather.

Do not use on suede, faux leather or imitation leathers.

Are you local to Lancaster, Lancashire?  if so and to avoid postal costs, collection is available from our premises by appointment only. Please contact us for more information.





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