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Pet Safe Beeswax Furniture Polish 100g

Pet Safe Beeswax Furniture Polish 100g

 Fragrance free beeswax furniture polish made with only two simple ingredients

 Refined coconut oil and eco friendly local English beeswax.

Our Pet Safe beeswax furniture polish is safe to use around animals and house pets because the polish does not contain any additional scents, therefore if your dog or cat were to lick the furniture after applying the polish then buffing off, they wouldn’t come to any harm.

This polish is more of a paste than a firm wax and it is very easy to apply to any bare wooden furniture around the home, and for example, an oak dining table, a pine sideboard or a cherry wood – drinks cabinet.

Our wax has no taste or smell. it’s food safe, 100% natural, water repellant and it’s completely fine to use around any domestic house pets including as cats and dogs.

Furniture Polish Application

Simply apply the Pet safe polish sparingly using a lint free cotton rag to any bare wooden furniture

then for the best results wait a minute or so & buff off with a clean soft cloth.

Types of wood

It doesn’t matter if the furniture is pine, oak, maple, walnut, mahogany, teak or cherry as long as the

furniture is bare wood and hasn’t been painted, lacquered or already has a hard high gloss finish.

 Our polish, preserves, nourishes matt wooden furniture & brings out the grain.

It is water repellent and adds a natural luster to wood, resulting in a non reflective matt sheen finish.


Keep furniture clean by going green!





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