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Candle Tunneling

Why has my candle burnt down the middle?

Why has my candle burnt down the middle?

Reason and  solution

When lighting  a candle particularly in a jar, it is extremely important to let the wax melt right out to the edges before it is extinguished. This is because wax has a memory and additionally  beeswax is a very hard wax so when relighting a tunnelled candle the wax will just simply burn straight down the middle of the candle because the flame is simply not hot enough to melt the wax out to the edges.

However if this happens to you there is a very good solution. Grab some tin foil and wrap it around the jar creating a funnel. Leave a gap at the top allowing air to get in and heat to get out. Light the wick, then the heat from the candle will melt the wax restoring the candle to it’s former self.  This will happen fairly quickly

Whilst doing this, you must never leave the candle unattended 

Keep lit candles away from children, pets and loose clothing

Safety first always

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