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20 x mixed Ivory & Natural Beeswax T’lights

Now for something different..

With this pack you will receive 14 x natural honey scented beeswax tea lights

and 8 x  ivory white unscented beeswax tea lights.

Each tea light will burn for around 4 to 5 hours if kept away from draughty areas.

Never trim the wick of a beeswax tea light because this will affect the life span of the candle.

Tea lights should be burn for the whole duration, they are not really designed to be re lit.

Our golden honey coloured tea light varieties have a definite honey aroma where as the ivory white coloured tea lights are practically scent free.

Tea lights create a calming atmosphere and offer a warm ambiatic feel to a room.

Always place any tea light or candle on a heat proof base and keep a lit candle away from children, pets , curtains and loose clothing.


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