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32 x Beeswax Tea Light Candles

32 x bulk buy beeswax tea light candles created with pure honey scented English Beeswax

Beeswax tea lights may vary in colour from a lighter to a darker shade of yellow

and this is due to the Bee pollination process.

For example if the Bee pollinates lighter coloured flowers, the wax will be of a lighter colour.

Tea lights are also known as night lights & they are perfect for parties

Please note –  The Presentation Boxes may vary.

Burn time approximately 5 hours. Cotton wicks. Golden flame.

PLEASE DO NOT TRIM THE WICK of a beeswax tea light.

If you trim the wick it will be too short to create a hot enough flame to totally liquefy the beeswax.

This may mean that the flame will burn down the middle of the wax and when it reaches

the bottom it will go out leaving  wax left stuck to the sides of the cup.

The beeswax must be totally liquefied so that the liquid wax is drawn into the wick

in order to complete the burn.

Tea lights are designed to be burned in one go for the full duration and not to be extinguished and re lit

Measurements  approximately 1″.5″ Diameter & at least 4 hours of burn time.

Biodegradable Packaging – Cardboard Box and includes product information and safety instructions


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