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Mini Beeswax Tin Candles

Mini Beeswax Tin Candles

Mini beeswax tin candles with hand painted wooden bee decoration.

Presented in a 10ml aluminium tin with a screw top lid.

Burn time approximately 4 hours.

Floral  Honey Scented

Mini beeswax tin candles make ideal little stocking fillers at Christmas time or an end of term thank you gift for the teacher perhaps

PLEASE DO NOT TRIM THE WICK of a beeswax tea light.

If you trim the wick it will be too short to create a hot enough flame to totally liquefy the beeswax.

This may mean that the flame will burn down the middle of the wax and when it reaches the bottom it will go out leaving  wax left stuck to the sides of the cup. The beeswax must be totally liquefied so that the liquid wax is drawn into the wick in order to complete the burn

Cotton wick.

Never leave a lit candle unattended and keep any lit candle away

from children, pets, loose clothing and curtains.


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